Welcome to Ollari Consulting

My name is Christophe Ollari and I want to introduce my multi-asset class, trade recommendation and markets information service: Ollari Consulting.
From over twenty years of risk taking experience at the highest level I have developed a trading style that seeks to fuse together the best of technical and momentum strategies with a strong grasp of the prevailing macro currents.
My philosophy involves absolute humility in front of the market and to price action, a strict risk approach, a strong focus on capital preservation and the ability to think outside of the box.

What makes Ollari Consulting Unique?
A multi-asset multi-currency approach proven across numerous asset classes, time horizons and bull and bear cycles.
Absolute humility in front of the market (and life).
The timely gathering and distillation of key information, connecting the dots in an increasingly inter-connected yet complicated world.
Highlight capital preservation by strict risk management (stop losses, profit taking levels), hedge of the tail risk (thinking the unthinkable).
Selection of the optimal asset class/strategy to express any macro view.
Rare combination of broad macro overview coupled with technical expertise.
A Live Portfolio of trading recommendations.
Particular focus on price action and trend momentum as well as the macro picture. Price is always right!
Diversified trading techniques: momentum trades, counter-trend trades or opportunistic trades. We go where the opportunities are.
Ability to adapt to a continuously changing market environment.
An interactive relationship with customers: aiming to create a community of the very best traders where ideas and views can be shared and leveraged.